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Greetings Current and future HSRT members

We would like to take this opportunity to inform everyone on the progress we have made in re-establishing the Hawaii Society of Radiologic Technologists (HSRT). In 2013 members began seeking to re-establish the HSRT. In 2014 the current board convened and worked for 18 months to plan, prepare and finalize all aspects of getting the HSRT back on its feet. We are now finished with all the groundwork and just need you as a medical imaging professional to sign up.

The geographical limitations of the region have previously made it difficult to provide services for the entire state, however, with the full support of the ASRT’s affiliate relations department we have been able to realize our goals and will be able to provide free Continuing Education (CE) opportunities to the entire state. How we plan to perform this service to all the islands is through online, real time webinars. We will be coordinating with each island to have an HSRT representative that will make the video teleconferencing services available to that island so we can empower one, or multiple locations (such as hospital, clinics), on each island to view, interact and ask questions of the presenter as needed, just as they would at a regular seminar. As a fully recognized state affiliate we can now request approval of these CE’s for free through the ASRT! Anyone interested in being a presenter or speaker should contact the HSRT at Support@HawaiiSRT.org

How will we be able to do all this? In 2014, the ASRT President Bill Brennan introduced a new program called the Affiliate Financial Assistance Program that helps qualifying affiliates financially. In addition to this program, the HSRT is also enrolled in the Affiliate Development Program that allowed the HSRT to acquire startup funds necessary for this endeavor.

Starting in 2016, the HSRT will begin sending two delegates to the ASRT’s House of Delegates conference every year. This trip’s flight, hotel and daily food allowance are all paid for by the ASRT as well. This will give Hawaii a vote for any new regulations or actions within each imaging modality at the national level.

Kapiolani Community College (KCC) students are encouraged to join and participate as well! There is an annual opportunity to send two (2) KCC radiology students to the ASRT’s Student Leadership Development Program (SLDP). The students flight and hotel would be paid for by the ASRT. The 2016 ASRT House of delegates Conference will be held in Las Vegas, NV June 24-26. Students selected should be prepared to fly out on Tuesday, June 21st and return Monday the 27th.

ASRT Student Leadership Development Program

We encourage you to share this correspondence with your Radiology co-workers and others who might be interested in joining. The HSRT website is now established and has begun providing online registration abilities for ease of use. The ASRT allows limited use of mass emails throughout the year, so we will try not to use it if avoidable. Once the HSRT’s member database has been established we plan on performing future correspondence through the HSRT website and membership list directly.

Anyone interested in assisting or becoming a future Board officer for the HSRT, please email support@hawaiisrt.org and one of us will get back to you as soon as possible.