Hi Everybody!
There has been a little action here in Hawaii.  There is a bill introduced this session to help increase the availability of healthcare in Hawaii.  Its  SB1406 introduced by Senator Dru Kanuha 

Unfortunately there is a section of the bill that allows Physician Assistances the ability to not only order exams but, to perform and interpret them as well.

The HSRT, ASRT and the HAH has taken the stance that the care and safety of the patients maybe compromised with this.  The proliferation of Back Pain clinics and use of in office C-Arm Fluoroscopy units comes to mind immediately.  The potential use by PAs to do this is a concern.

After I submitted written testimony and the input of the Department of Health Noise and Radiation Branch the bill has been amended that PAs will have to undergo Radiation Safety training first.

The changes have been made and the bill is now proceeding with the changes.  HSRT and the ASRT will continue to keep the safety of our patients first.

Contact your Senator and Representative for your concern and input.

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